The following plays are available for download in printer-friendly PDF format.  Click on a title to view a description.  If you intend to perform the play in public, you must download the licensed version (either school/amateur or professional).  If you intend to use the play within a classroom or only for private use, you do not need to download the licensed version.

The license is valid for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.   This allows unlimited performances of the play for that period.  Performance licenses are expensive.  These prices are kept low to encourage honesty and fair use of the author’s work.  All we ask is that you respect this and inform us of the dates when your performance(s) are taking place by emailing us.  All of this is explained on your receipt when you download a play.

If you have purchased the published edition of the plays and wish a licence to perform any of them in public, please purchase the version that includes the applicable licence (amateur/school OR professional).  This will also come with a printable PDF of the script that can be used for your performance.