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Stephen Callaghan is a prolific playwright & theatre-maker, based in Glasgow, Scotland.  He has written extensively on faith-related subjects in new and challenging ways. Often infused with the humour and style of his native city, his plays have been performed in local venues and schools around Scotland and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He directs the work of Callaghan Theatre Productions and the Archdiocese of Glasgow Arts Project (AGAP). Works include “Star of the Sea” (2020) – commissioned by the Vatican for an International Conference, and “The Margaret Sinclair Story” (2016), as well as his hit solo shows “Oggie! Oggie! Oggie!” (2023) and “The Pew With a View (2018).  He is also an accomplished actor and voice artist, as well as a member of the Scottish Society of Playwrights.

About Stephen Callaghan

Published Plays

  • Missionary Lives of the Saints: Book of Plays (2018), Published by Missio for Schools across Scotland.
  • Theatre of Faith: Volume 1 and 2 (2015), Published by St Ninian Institute.
  • Various individual titles available through Amazon, including: Passionate Voices; Feet of Clay; Mungo: Legend of Glasgow’s Saint; Among Women and The Pilgrimage; Sign of Contradiction: The Christmas Story and The Passion Story.

education & Associations

  • Graduated with Join Honours in Theatre, Film and Television Studies from the University of Glasgow in 2003.
  • Licentiate and Associate Diplomas in Speech and Drama Teaching from the London College of Music and Media, Thames Valley University.
  • Member of the Word on Fire Institute.
  • Associate of the St Andrew’s Foundation, University of Glasgow.

Professional Experience

  • Voice Actor, gifted in characterisation, accents and mimicry.
  • Early television appearances in STV soap, Highroad and BBC Children’s Television.
  • Writing Commissions include “Star of the Sea” for the Vatican’s Dicastery of Integral human Development (2020); “If You Know Your History” (2014) for the 125th Anniversary of Celtic Football Club; “The Margaret Sinclair Story” (2026) for the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.

plays written by Stephen Callaghan

  • Gaudi: God’s Architect (2024) – Biographical Drama based upon the life of Antoni Gaudi.
  • Oggie! Oggie! Oggie! (2023) – Modern adaptation of The Confessions of Saint Augustine.
  • The Margaret Sinclair Story [Video Adaptation] (2021) – Commissioned by the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh.
  • Star of the Sea (2019) – Commissioned by the Vatican for the 100th Anniversary of the Apostleship of the Sea.
  • Sign of Contradiction: The Passion Story (2019) – Second Part of dramatic treatment of the life of Jesus Christ.
  • Sign of Contradiction: The Christmas Story (2018) – First Part of a dramatic treatment of the life of Jesus Christ.
  • The Pew With a View (2018) – Solo comedy play discussing contemporary church issues.
  • Mungo: Legend of Glasgow’s Saint (2018) – Historical folk play about Glasgow’s patron Saint and founder.
  • Lives of the Saints (2017) – 14 Short Plays Commissioned by Missio Scotland and distributed nationally to Catholic Primary Schools.
  • Wilderness (2015) – A comedy.
  • The Margaret Sinclair Story (2016) – Commissioned by the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh
  • Among Women (2016) – Four women with intersecting monologues tell a story that reveals interesting parallels.
  • Did You Know (2016) – Comedy sketch commissioned to celebrate the Year of Consecrated Life. 
  • The Selfish Giant (2015) – Libretto for a Musical Version of Oscar Wilde’s classic children’s story.
  • Father Kentenich: Champion of Freedom (2014) – Historical play set during WW2.
  • Dramatised Stations of the Cross (2014) – Commissioned by the Catholic Youth Service of Scotland for World Youth Day national event
  • A Wean in a Manger (2013) – Panto-style nativity play
  • The Pilgrimage (2013) – A comedy about five characters en route to Lourdes.
  • If You Know Your History (2012) – Commissioned Sketch for the 125th Anniversary of Celtic Football Club
  • Freedom from Chains (2011) – Commissioned by the Notre Dame Child Guidance Centre for the 80th Anniversary
  • The Turnaround (2011) – A parable about change.
  • Going for Broke on Jesus: The Bob Park Story (2010) – Dramatic Adaptation Commissioned by the Author of the Book
  • Pure Dead Dangerous (2010) – Commissioned by the Scottish Catholic Parliamentary Service
  • The Cure D’Ars: A Priest Forever (2010) – For the Year of Priests
  • Paul (2009) – For the Bi-Centenary of the Birth of Saint Paul
  • Feet of Clay (2008) – A contemporary fusion of the parables of Jesus Christ.
  • Passionate Voices (2007) – Monologues on the Passion.
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